Sugarbush Whiskey TMI: Day 13 of 20

Duluth's first ever whiskey is here... and it's called Sugarbush.
Come get your hands on a bottle of Lot 1, limited release, Sugarbush Whiskey

Join us on November 20th (starting @ 2pm) for a day full of...
-bottle sales*
-delicious spirits tastings and cocktails
-tours of the barrel room (every hour)
-music by the Clover Street Cronies
-bourbon glazed mini donuts by the Zenith Bread Project
-a special performace by Joel Vikre (perhaps a song)

We only have three barrels of this stuff, and we are expecting it to go fast. Feel free to line up the night before. (People line up for iphones, why not whiskey?)

*We can only sell one bottle per person per day. It's a state law. Tell your Aunt Carol if she wants a bottle, she's gotta join you. ;)