Sugarbush Whiskey TMI: Day 16 of 20

4 days away… can you can almost taste it?  If you can, you're probably picking up hints of maple!
After it’s stay in the port barrels, #sugarbushwhiskey moves into bourbon barrels.  But not just any bourbon barrels.  While the bourbon barrels were waiting for their turn to season Sugarbush, they were full of delicious maple syrup (adding even more flavor!) made by Dave Rogotzke.  He has known Emily Vikre, “since she was a wee little girl,” and makes a delicious product.  Dave says he takes great pride in being the caretaker of over 5000 maple trees on his farm in Lakewood Township.  Rightfully so! 

You can find more on Dave, his story, & his syrup at




Join us on November 20th, 2015 at @VikreDistillery to get your bottle of Sugarbush Whiskey!