Sugarbush Whiskey TMI: Day 7 of 20

Having 13 days to go means we get to introduce you to Jon Otis, co-owner of Duluth Barrel Works.

To achieve the distinctive #SugarbushWhiskey taste, we use a variety of types of wood.  Duluth Barrel Works supplies us with used barrels,  adding both another layer of flavor, and another collaboration to our craft.  While traditional bourbons are aged in new oak, we opted to first age Sugarbush Whiskey in used port wine barrels.  The ripe and dried fruit flavors of the port carry over to the whiskey, balancing out the subtle caramel and vanilla notes from the aged oak.  But that’s just the beginning…     


For more information on Duluth Barrel Works, visit: or e-mail: 


Join us on November 20th, 2015 at @VikreDistillery to get your bottle of Sugarbush Whiskey!