May Boozescopes

Happy Birthday to Taurus! Art by Cameron Conlon

Happy Birthday to Taurus! Art by Cameron Conlon

When someone asks us, “nature or nurture,” we say, “cosmos!”  Because what could be more fun or inspiring than looking at what the stars and planets may tell us about ourselves and our innermost desires, especially when our innermost desires are centering around what we should order to drink with dinner... 



March 21st - April 20th

Ah, energetic, enthusiastic Aries.  Your instincts are to fight fire with fire, so when you’re looking to quench your thirst, it’s a good thing there are cocktails out there that are just as exciting and commanding as you are.  Next time you are out on the town (which we suspect will be in the very near future) grab yourself a Negroni.  From the red color down to the flaming orange peel garnish, this classic cocktail will set your energy ablaze.  As a trailblazer, you'll want to be the first to try our Cedar Negroni.  Discover the recipe on our cocktail page.




April 21st - May 21st

From April 19th to May 20th, it is officially Taurus time!  Relish in it, oh earthy one.  Your birthday (even if it is a couple weeks past) is the perfect excuse to indulge in the things that you love.  And we know that for you that includes good food and drinks.  Taurus types process through the jaw, mouth, and facial senses.  That means that your nose is strong, sensitive, and able to really take in a beverage’s aromas, subtle or strong.  Spend some time enjoying the fragrance of a nice glass of aromatic wine like an Austrian Riesling or a red Burgundy.  Perhaps you’d prefer to inhale the peaty smoke of an Islay Scotch.  Or have a beautifully balanced classic cocktail where fragrant floral liqueur shines, like an Aviation (may we suggest using our Juniper Gin :)



May 22nd - June 21st

No one loves a good cocktail party as much as you, Gemini.  So how about playing hostess with the mostest for an evening?  Bartending will come easily to you, as folks with a Sun in Gemini tend to have hands for making as well as the gift of gab on their side.  As for the menu, keep it fresh and interesting (just like you.)  We suggest whipping up a round of Ramos Gin Fizzes.  This cocktail is airy (also just like you), and the history behind it will provide you both with a story to tell your guests and entertainment for your active mind.  



June 22nd - July 22nd

Cancer, a water sign, is ruled by the moon, which represents emotion.  With your sensitive and watery nature, it’s no wonder that Cancers love a life textured with all their favorite things.  Cancer finds comfort in the home, so whether it’s spending time with your closest friends and family or curling up with a bottle of wine for some blissful quiet time to yourself, you do you, Cancer!  When you find yourself craving a cocktail, go with one that reminds you of what you hold dear or one that lets you indulge in a little of your nostalgic tendencies, like the cocktail you had on your first date with your significant other or one your family always makes on your favorite holiday. 



July 23rd - August 23rd

Bold Leo, you’ve got our attention.  As a fire sign, Leo is, unsurprisingly, associated with the colors we typically see flickering in flames: orange, red, and gold.  No need to hold back, you light up a room.  You certainly don’t mind standing out, so why not order a drink that matches your mighty roar.  We know what you’re thinking: shots of Fireball? Sure, that’s an option, but it’s not your only one.  Why not try a Last Word.  This classic and potent combination of gin, lime, and two unique liqueurs is as intense, powerful, and bold as you are.    



August 24th - Sept. 22nd

Forget show-offs and show-stealers, flashy and overdone isn’t your style, Virgo. For you, elegance, beautiful simplicity, and excellent execution is where it’s at.  At a good cocktail bar, a perfectly crafted Martini - timeless, sophisticated - may be just what the doctor ordered.  If you feel a little less reserved than usual, order it dirty or have a Gibson.  If you are the one in control of drink-making, utilize your craftsmanship skills and unique attention to detail.  Stay true to yourself by topping your cocktails only with classy and practical garnishes.  You’ll wow the crowd with the final product, no need to cover it with excessive cherries on picks or colorful umbrellas.




Sept. 23rd - Oct. 23rd

Libra, symbolized by the scales, is always looking for balance.  Since bartenders always strive to craft perfectly balanced drinks, it seems only right that we should enlist our Libran friends to be our official taste-testers.  As the judge of the Zodiac, Libras are always assessing right and wrong.  This air sign also appreciates sharing, building relationships, and 1-on-1 exchanges.  So, Libra, if you want to drink in a way that compliments your natural tendencies, feel free to take any cocktail recipe you try and adjust the flavors to your own preference using your keen sense of balance.  Not enough lime in that daiquiri recipe? Add another splash.  Too much vermouth in a standard Manhattan?  Tone it down.  You’re the one holding the scales.   Also, stay clear of drinks with weird electric colors.  Blue Chartreuse or Kinky is just not going to be for you, as you gravitate toward pastels and neutral colors. 




Oct. 24th - Nov. 22nd

When the Sun travels into Scorpio, days become shorter and light fades away.  Whether it be the dark back corner of a dingy bar or the hidden depths of your subconscious, Scorpio relishes time to be with the darkness.   In this fixed water sign, sexy and badass mingle in one powerful package.  No wonder Scorpio is associated with the rich, gothic colors red and black.   Stinger by your side, you have no problem showing the world you mean business.  Next time you’re making nice with midnight, hone your edgy desires with a glass of Absinthe or maybe even try your hand at mixing up a gothic cocktail.  If nothing else, get something with Angostura bitters. You share similar qualities.    




Nov. 23rd - Dec. 21st

Yeehaw Sagittarius, live wild n’ free, baby!  Voted most likely to have fire in their eyes and a flask of whiskey in their pocket.  Catch one if you can, but certainly don’t count on it.  This sign is associated with the archetype of the explorer and is constantly on the go.  If you are a Sagittarius, consider catching your next Happy Hour post motorcycle or mountain bike ride. If you are a Sagittarius who loves cocktails, consider making a pilgrimage to important bars from cocktail history (think The Roosevelt in New Orleans or Bar Basso in Milan).   You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  


(P.S. Bruce Lee was a Sagittarius.  Just sayin’.)   



Dec. 22nd - Jan. 20th

Strong, sturdy Capricorn.  You were born in the cold, barren, winter and made to survive and thrive.  Hard working Capricorns will use everything at their disposal in order to endure.  So for you, unwavering one, we suggest barrel-aged anything. Scotch, bourbon, aquavit, aged rum, anejo tequila... You’ll be able to appreciate the craftsmanship and intention present in each sip.  Maybe you even want to try buying a small barrel and aging your own cocktail!   And because Capricorn rules the skeletal structure, when you find a spirit you love, you won’t just taste it, you’ll feel it all the way down into your bones. 



Jan. 21st - Feb. 18th

Dear Aquarius, you are a rebel with a cause. You’re known for your fresh ideas and you will work to see positive changes on a community level.  You think about who you want to be in this world, and live out that vision.  Your ideal cocktail is made with local and ethically sourced ingredients.  Sipping a drink made up of components you can get behind will satisfy your desire to act in favor of the greater good and your thirst for adventure.  Learn the stories behind the spirits you enjoy.  And why not visit your local farmer’s market, where you can participate in your community and look for cocktail inspiration from what’s in season!  Rhubarb, radishes, berries, basil, melons, apples...with your creativity, you can create unique juices, infusions, syrups, and shrubs from any ingredient that speaks to you.  



Feb. 19th - March 20th

There’s no better way to describe you than to say that still waters run deep, Pisces.  Fish gotta swim, and whether it be into a pool of emotion, a sea of unknown, or a puddle of passion, a Pisces is more likely than any one to dive right in.  This is one of your best qualities, dear watery one; take full advantage of your ability to let the moment sink in.  Spend time at bars that offer the experiential aspect you hold so dear. Tiki joint?  Local dive?  It’s up to you.  Once you’re there, map uncharted waters and order that cocktail no one else in your group would. Or, you could always grab a glass of nice red wine, because, you know, Pisces is associated with Dionysus, God of Wine! 


-Squid the Star Dog & Cosmic Cait


Painting by Cameron Conlon.  Follow her instagram, @burtthaflirt