Distillery Mamas

Happy (almost) Mother's Day!  On this weekend, when we celebrate the most important women in our lives (Hi mom!  Love you!), we thought we would also take a moment to celebrate all the fiercely fantastic women who keep our distillery running.  The many moms of our distillery baby, if you will.


You see, both the fields of distilling and bartending are hugely dominated by men.  Mostly gruff bearded men in work hats, or tatted-up mustachio'ed men in dapper vests.  We have some of them working with us, in fact, and we love them very dearly!  BUT, we are extremely proud of the fact that when you take a look (seriously, just look at our staff page), at Vikre we have A LOT of women running the show.  As evidenced, for example, by this totally not staged photograph.  Ok, it's a tiny bit staged, but only because we're usually moving around too fast to capture us in one place.   


One of our two co-founders and the president of our company is a lady.  As are the two people who do the bulk of the actual distilling.  Our brand and media manager is a lady and so is the person who runs all the visitor experience services, i.e. our bar, tours, events, and community outreach.  And we have so many epically amazing women bartenders too.  

Sarah Lee and Erin, t he women of our production team

Sarah Lee and Erin, the women of our production team

So let's hear it for the ladies! And, in the immortal words of Beyonce, I give you this query and answer: "who run the world? Girls."  And remember, always listen to your mom. And DEFINITELY give her a call on mother's day! :)