Welcome to the shores of the world's largest lake. 

It's pretty cold and pretty wild here, so we’re really glad you came to visit!

Imagine tacking a bit of Scandinavia onto the top part of the Midwest.  That's us! The woods are deep, the water is pure.  Lake Superior contains 10% of the world's fresh water.  It is as big as the rest of the Great Lakes combined, plus an extra three Lake Eries for good measure.  The Lake's water is  “glacially distilled” and on some days it's clear enough to see 75 feet through the water.  It is ideal for crafting exceptional spirits.  That’s where we come in…

We are Vikre Distillery, located in Duluth, MN.

We craft award-winning spirits that combine culinary creativity and Lake Superior's magical water

with socially and environmentally responsible production methods. 

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