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The Northwoods of Minnesota is a borderlands. Picture boreal forests and interconnected waterways, where fog and reflections can make it easy to mistake land, water and sky. It’s a landscape traversable by canoe in the summer, by foot in the Spring and Fall and—for the brave—skis and snowshoes in Winter.

Our Boreal Gins are inspired by the wildness of this place, by its purity and its quiet astonishments. Blending foraged botanicals from the Northwoods with the backbone spices of traditional gins, they reflect what we know in our bones about Northern nature and its flavors.

Our gins feature a combination of foraged wild botanicals and traditional gin botanicals. They’re not too proud for gin and tonics, but damn well good enough for sipping. They’re the perfect companion on a portage through the North country (remember, no glass!). But, if you’re not fortunate enough to experience this amazing landscape yourself, with these gins at least you can still drink it in.

Boreal Gins are for adventurers—be they intrepid mixologists, hikers, snowshoers or canoeists. Each is anchored by one of the unique flavors of Northern Minnesota.

The Ojibwe called it “Gichi-gami,” meaning “big water.” French explorers called it “Le Lac Superieur,” meaning “Upper Lake.” Following the French and Indian War, the English kept the name, “on account of its being superior in magnitude.” Lake Superior is, in fact, the world’s largest body of freshwater. Our unaged (aka taffel-style) aquavit is named Øvrevann, Norwegian for Upper Lake, or Lake Superior.

Aquavit is the original Scandinavian distilled spirit. It’s infused with caraway and cardamom, fundamental spices in Scandinavian cuisine. An early Norwegian version was aged in oak barrels on ocean voyages to Australia. According to Norwegian lore, it was something magic about the two trips across the equator that made it so delicious.  Our aged aquavit doesn't get to travel the high seas (thanks government regulators), but it does get to mature for a year in used cognac barrels, an homage to the French explorers who founded Duluth. 

Call it the audacity of the immigrant, perhaps, but we tried to make our aquavit even better than the Norwegian and Danish ones with which we grew up. We conjured the spirit of our bearded Viking ancestors as well as the culinary background Scandinavian immigrants brought to America. We’ve rounded out the traditional caraway with flavors inspired by lympa—a sweet rye bread. Rich and aromatic, Øvrevann Aquavit™ is piquant and refreshing to sip alongside smoked fish or to cut the fat after a heavy holiday meal. It’s a foundation for excellent Nordic-leaning cocktails, but can also help you weather the squalls like a Viking.  Our Voyageur Aquavit starts with malted barley, (like a single malt!) that we ferment and distill before gently infusing it with warm spices and then aging it for a year in used cognac barrels, which gives it a complex oaky, floral finish that makes it wonderful for sipping.  It is truly whiskey for vikings.  Skål!

Lake Superior contains 10% of the world's fresh water. Lake Superior Vodka is distilled and cut from this astonishingly pure water plus a base of malted barley. Our vodka is deep, smooth, and clear, a fitting tribute to the Greatest of Lakes and the city at its Zenith.


While we excitedly await a taste of our Iron Range Single Malt ("coming not-too-soon"), we have been crafting whiskeys that are intentionally younger.  Yup, you read it right!  Intentionally younger.  The first of our Experimental Whiskey Series to make it from barrel to bottle is called Sugarbush.  Instead of trying to speed up the aging process, we focused on flavor.  By playing with grain bills, type of woods that we applied to the whiskey, and techniques which increased the interaction between barrel and spirit, we were able to create something unique: a new northern whiskey; truly representative of our original inspiration, a sugar maple tree in the fall.      

Northern Courage Smokey Rye

Living in the North takes a little bit of courage and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of crazy.  Northern Courage Smokey Rye is a one-of-a-kind whiskey that celebrates the contradictory extremes of the North.  It combines the peppery flavor of rye with the depth of oats, plus a gentle wisp of smoke from cherry-wood-smoked barley malt, and plenty of vanilla and caramel notes from new charred Minnesota white oak barrels.  It is bracing but warming, like a flannel-clad bear hug on an icy winter day.  A little bit crazy, a lot delicious.  

Shhhhhh. We have a few spirits still in the distilling and aging process.

Coming not-too-soon (it's better that way):

Temperance River Rye

Gunflint Bourbon

Iron Range Single Malt