We Are Hiring!

Tasting Team

Seeking in: Minneapolis, Duluth, Madison, Milwaukee

Vikre Distillery is an award-winning craft distillery located in Duluth, Minnesota.  Founded in 2013, we make distilled spirits inspired by a passion for flavor and informed by our terroir. We have a fun, ambitious, committed team of 25 people and a sales network that spans 12 states. As we grow, we are looking for motivated people to focus on increasing our sales in existing accounts and strategically growing our distribution footprint.


Sell and showcase Vikre spirits 

  1. Attend in-market events and store tastings and provide samples of our spirits and cocktails. Provide friendly customer service, be an excellent ambassador, and share a thorough understanding of what makes Vikre unique.

  2. Provide account-level sales support

Help guide brand growth in market(s)

  1. Review market interactions with strategic, data-driven insight

  2. Provide personal insight into ways to increase sales, based on experience in market

Other duties as assigned


  1. Travel, including driving

  2. Ability to work up to 2 hrs away from home

  3. Flexibility and creativity to thrive in a young company

  4. Integrity, independence, being a good person

  5. Timeliness, professionalism

  6. Ability to get along with these people http://www.vikredistillery.com/meet-our-team

  7. Commitment to these values http://www.vikredistillery.com/triplebottomline/


  1. Minimum of 2 years experience in customer service / bar/restaurant industry

  2. Prefer someone well connected in the bar/restaurant industry

  3. Demonstrated ability to work independently

  4. Proven customer service and sales skills

  5. Ability to carry up to 20 pounds

  6. Method of transporting self, and supplies, to and from events


  1. $15/hour, 7-15 hours a week

  2. In-town/area transportation (under 30 minutes) is not reimbursed. Above 30 minutes, the below rules apply.

    1. Personal vehicle travel reimbursed at $0.25/mile

    2. Parking reimbursed in addition to mileage rates

Next steps

  1. Send your info to chris@vikredistillery.com