Sugarbush Whiskey TMI: Bonus Day!


We promised you 20 days of TMI.  But, we've got one more tidbit to offer: a list of stores that should have Sugarbush Whiskey in stock and ready to sell, beginning November 21st, 2015.

-Mount Royal Bottle Shoppe
-Lake Aire Bottle Shoppe
-South Lyndale Liquors  (available instore and online)
-France 44 (available instore and online)
-Zipp's Liquors 
-Up North Liquor
-Super One of Baxter, MN
-Edina Municipal Liquor
-Pour Wine & Bar Bistro

On Saturday, November 21st, 2015 Vikre Distillery will be sampling Sugarbush Whiskey at South Lyndale from 2-4pm and France 44 from 4-6pm.  You can also find Vikre's very own Chelsy and Emily making cocktails at Wilson & Willy's one year celebration.