Construction continues apace - plus a surprise from the federal government!

Things are going like crazy up here, and we're happy to say it's mostly the good kind of crazy. We put together a little construction gallery for your perusal. Annotated, for your edification. [gallery ids="380,382,384,383,385,386,387,388,390,391,392,396,398,400,401,403,404,405,406,408,411,412,413,414,415,417,418,419,420,421,423,422,424,425,426,428,427,429,430,431,432,434,435,437,436,438,440,439,441,442,444,445,447,449,446,456,448,450,453,451,454,458"]

Also - to our delight and surprise - we received our federal license a couple months earlier than we expected! Now we have a few more hurdles to clear for the state, plus lots of local inspections - but we're getting there!