Hello PDD!

Well, apparently we've made the big time! That's to say - we've been mentioned on Duluth's awesome news/everything site: Perfect Duluth Day! Here are answers to some of the great questions we've gotten today. (Not that it took us a while to figure out why we were suddenly getting lots of questions ;) )

Emily seriously evaluating bottle options

1. Where are you?

We're going to be located in the Paulucci Building - in Canal Park just before the bridge. Build out should start next month. We're incredibly psyched.

2. What are you going to make?

We'll be making several gins inspired by local herbs and botanicals - we're calling it "Treeline." They'll all have lots of good flavors going on, with one sort of signature. Treeline: Spruce will have spruce tips. Treeline: Cedar will have burnt cedar. Treeline: Juniper will be a dry gin with juniper. You get the idea.

We'll also be making aquavit - but good aquavit - with a balance of caraway, cardamom, orange peel, etc. Like great rye bread.

We'll also be making rye, bourbon and a scotch-like whiskey, but you're going to have to wait wait wait for those. We'll start making them right away, but the longer they age in the barrel, the better they'll be. They'll start to get good around 2 years, and we'll be able to start serving them then. But if you can wait, say, 30 years, they'll be truly phenomenal!

3. When will you be open?

August, we hope. Cross your fingers.

4. How can I help?

We're going to do a kickstarter campaign here real soon. We'll let you know as soon as it's up.


Joel & Emily