On the Shelf!

It's official... you can buy Boreal Gin! boreal gins on distillery bar vertical copy

After many many moons, our gins have hit the shelves and bars in Duluth, and Cloquet, and one shelf in Minneapolis! We're super excited to hear what you think, and to see what our talented bartenders are doing with it. We're just psyched.

Restaurants At Sarah’s Table/Chester Creek Café Canal Park Brewing Company Lake Avenue Café The Depot Grizzly’s Bar and Saloon Kitchi Gammi Club Pickwick Restaurant and Pub Pizza Luce Duluth Rex Bar Sir Benedict’s Tavern Spirit Mountain Va Bene Zeitgeist Arts Café

Liquor Stores Big Bottle Shop Canal Park Liquor Cash Wise Liquor Cold One Liquor – Cloquet Fitger’s Wine Cellars Gramma Polo’s Bottle Shop – Scanlon Hermantown Liquor Store Lake Aire Bottle Shop Last Chance Liquor Mt. Royal Bottle Shoppe Pike Lake Liquor South Lyndale Liquor  - Minneapolis Super One Liquor – Duluth University Liquor Warehouse Liquor Woodland Liquors

If you were one of the lucky recipients of a gift certificate from Mt. Royal Bottle Shoppe or Last Chance Liquor, you can now take those in and redeem them there. If your gift certificate is for aquavit, you can redeem it for gin or wait a little bit longer - our aquavit is still a month or two away... Oh yeah, and prices should be right around $30 at the liquor store.

If you are a liquor store or bar and want to be on this list, just get in touch with your Johnson Brothers rep. If you want your liquor store or bar to carry our stuff, ask them to get in touch with their Johnson Brothers rep.!

Enjoy! And tell us how it was!


Joel, Emily, Kevin, Espen & Squid