Al Capone was a local

This is a touch random, but we just had our foragers Kaitlin and Matti over to help us hand out halloween candy and drink a delicious apple cider/rye concoction. We got onto the subject of Duluth prohibition history, and they told us Al Capone had a hideout up the road where we picked mushrooms earlier this season!ImageApparently northern Minnesota was the place for moonshinin,' and for hidin,' and they distilled here to distribute all over the midwest. Meanwhile, the kingpins were building a private club on the shore of Lake Superior up north of Grand Marais, called Naniboujou lodge. It was, in the parlance of the times, totally dope.

ImageI guess these guys weren't into roughing it. Or subtlety.Β But hey, who's to say Al wasn't just in Minnesota for the fishing?


THE BIG OPPORTUNITY - help us out!

Hi folks, Well, the first thing that's been going on is this website. Exciting, I know.

Also, as you may have noticed on the facebook, we now exist as a legal entity. We've got a legal team working on all the details that need to be ironed out for financing, licensing, trademarking, etc. They're not as smarmy as I had hoped - darn Minnesota - but they are competent, so there's that.

Our business plan is at Paper Hog, our local print shop, getting transformed from bytes into books.

And we're starting to plan fundraising meetings and events.

Thanks for your help everyone. We need it!

Cheers, Joel and Emily