Warm weather cocktail menu 2019

Tasting Flight

Choice of 4 spirits, house tonic, lime

___ & Tonic  bodacious

Choice of clear spirit, house tonic, lime

Dram O’ Whiskey

Really Old Fashioned  spirit forward  

Choice of spirit, sugar, bitters, orange twist

McGregor’s Revenge   earthy, bright, boozy     

Carrot-Infused Boreal Cedar Gin, ginger vermoose, pickled ginger juice

Oolong Island Iced Tea easy sipper              

Oolong-Infused Vodka, Øvrevann Aquavit, Boreal Juniper Gin, fauxpauri 2.1, pomegranate molasses

Brighton Peach   fruity & herbal      

Boreal Juniper Gin, peach puree, blueberry basil 

syrup, acid phosphate

Wingman citrusy & aromatic         

Øvrevann Aquavit, grapefruit cordial, lime juice, 

Cayenne Salt

Haus-Kegged Frenchie *   spritzy & citrusy        

Boreal Juniper Gin, sparkling rosé, lemon oleo

Taconite Cowboy  boozy & smooth       

Voyageur Aquavit, sassy vermoose, fauxpauri

Fancy Hat   light but rich            

Sugarbush Whiskey Lot 6, pineapple vermoose, 

haus bitters, mint

Matcha Do About Nothing  creamy & grassy 

Boreal Spruce Gin, matcha, coconut milk,

lime juice, lemon oleo

Irish Wristwatch   boozy & fruity                   

Honor Brand Hay & Sunshine, rhubarb & root 
syrup, orange liqueur, lemon juice, fabbri cherry

Snazzerac  boozy & aromatic  

Sugarbush Whiskey, Voyageur Aquavit, absinthe vert, house bitters, sugar, lemon peel

* On Tap      

Congratulations to Kevin Evans on launching his new endeavor: Duluth Whiskey Project!

We are so excited to share a little update with you from our dear friend Kevin Evans, of the Duluth Whiskey Project. Kevin has worked with us as a volunteer since before we even opened. In the early days he spent many late nights and weekends with Joel running the stills, giving tours, and representing Vikre out in the world.

Look! It’s Kevin fiddling with a steam valve! Hi Kevin!

Look! It’s Kevin fiddling with a steam valve! Hi Kevin!

Since the beginning, Kevin has been working toward starting his own distillery. Over the past couple of years he has been working on distilling his own whiskey in our facility on the weekends. Over the past couple months he has begun bottling his own whiskey in our facility too. Now Kevin has launched his own line of flavored spirit whiskeys, including honey, cider and mint. 

You can learn more at his website.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Duluth Whiskey Project, since we share an address. Duluth Whiskey Project isn’t part of Vikre. But he uses our facility. To summarize: Duluth Whiskey Project products are made in our facility independently by Kevin. And Kevin is our friend. Way to go Kevin!


We Are Hiring!

We are looking for a new Director of Visitor Experience. Are you passionate about hospitality, service, cocktails, and leadership? Read on for the full job description!

About us

Vikre Distillery is an award-winning craft distillery located in Duluth, Minnesota.  Founded in 2013, we make distilled spirits inspired by a passion for flavor and informed by our terroir. Our cocktail room, located just steps from the lift bridge in Canal Park, is the spiritual home of our brand. We provide our guests with the ultimate experience of our spirits – creative craft cocktails with every ingredient made from scratch.  We provide educational tours and a depth of information, and we sell merchandise including souvenir bottles of our spirits. The cocktail room is a place of pilgrimage for cocktail enthusiasts from across the Midwest, and it’s also a welcoming place of respite and relaxation for tourists and locals, a place to sit and enjoy a drink and a snack. On top of our daily operations, we host private and public events on our production floor, and we’re in the process of opening our barrel room for more intimate events. The cocktail room is also home base for sales and marketing events in Duluth and across the Midwest.


About the job

We are looking for a visitor experience director to help lead our cocktail room into a new phase of growth. This will include: leading a frankly amazing team of 15 people, including bar, kitchen and retail managers; cultivating a culture of unpretentious excellence; developing, training and ensuring consistency of excellent cocktail and food menus; refining and executing the brand aesthetic; planning and managing private and public events; managing financial performance; marketing the cocktail room; and helping build tie ins with the marketing of the overall Vikre brand. The visitor experience director will be part of the Vikre leadership team, helping lead the company overall. This is a salaried role with benefits, a lot of responsibility and a lot of flexibility.


About you

Significant hospitality experience and a passion for service

A cocktail nerd with a commitment to flavor and excellence

The kind of experienced leader people follow with happiness and commitment

An aesthetic sensibility and the ability to create immersive spaces and experiences

Marketing chops, and the ability to show, tell, and promote

Detail oriented, hard working, self-driven and team oriented

Smart and dedicated about managing money, growth, and operational efficiency

So, basically, no big deal ;)


What’s next

Get in touch with us. Send us a resume. Let us know which parts you think you could crush, and which parts you think would crush you. Then we’ll talk!


The "It's Almost Winter" Menu

Tasting Flight
Choice of 4 spirits, house tonic, lime

___ & Tonic
Choice of clear spirit, house tonic, lime

Really Old Fashioned  
Choice of clear spirit, sugar, bitters, orange twist
- with Voyageur or Hay & Sunshine +3
- with other whiskey +5

Daiq, Daiq, Grey Daiq
Banana-infused Øvrevann Aquavit, brown sugar, lime

Sugar Lips
Hay & Sunshine Whiskey, apple cider, lemon bay leaf peppercorn syrup, sherry, maple sugar

Morocco’s Modern Life*
Lake Superior Vodka, ras el hanout, orange soda

I’m Just Not that India 
Øvrevann Aquavit, almond milk, curry syrup

Fig Leif
Hay & Sunshine Whiskey, fig syrup, lemon, egg white

Blonde Walks Into a Bar
Hay & Sunshine Whiskey, ginger, maple, fizz, lemon

Voyageur Aquavit, black currant cacao syrup, cacao bitters

Øvrevann Aquavit, salted licorice syrup, cream

                                             Ume Oh Mye!                                                   choice of clear spirit, ume soda

On The Fence* 
Boreal Juniper Gin, dry vermoose,
fauxpari, orange liqueur

* On Tap

Please see full menu book for:
Zero Proof & Classic Cocktails, Snacks


Words for Water


Lake Superior is our spirit guide and inspiration.  We've decided, as a business, to spend this summer reaching out to people and organizations in order to learn more about the Lake and the watershed, the challenges the Lake is facing, along with the benefits and uniqueness of the world's largest body of freshwater.  One person we've connected with is Mary Dougherty whose project, Words for Water is a gorgeous visual exploration of people's connection to Lake Superior.

Mary will be at the distillery on August 2, from 5-7 to photograph anyone here who wants to share their words for water.  So, all you Lake Superior lovers, we hope you'll come by and be part of the story.

Mary was also kind enough to answer a few questions about her inspiring project for me!  Read on to learn more...

Firstly, of course I can get a description of the project from your website, but I was wondering, could you describe the project, especially how you came up with it and what your vision for it is in your own words?

The idea for Words for Water (like most good things) happened around our kitchen table. My husband and I came up with this idea of getting lots of people to speak for the water in their own words, and then allowing me to stitch them into a collective story.  I pose the question, “if you could speak for water, what would you say?” and the participant writes their word or phrase on a chalkboard. I take their photo, add it the collection of words I’ve gathered and stitch it into our collective love story to Lake Superior and our homes. Those of us who live near Lake Superior -- less than .0049 percent of the world's population -- are the direct stewards of Lake Superior and we need to lend our words, and voices, to that enormous and vulnerable body of water.  

The Words for Water story is grounded in the values that are important to us: clean water, strong communities, our rural heritage, and a healthy environment. Our role, as residents of the Lake Superior Basin, is to create a bedrock of commonality that all questions about our future are filtered through....just like Lake Superior and the healthy watershed we are speaking for. 

I am passionately and completely in love with storytelling. I think that storytelling has the power to change the world and I think that's what we're missing in these fights to preserve what we love. We have to tell our stories, the stories of who we are now, and who we were before, to give the generation that comes after us context and connection. That information is really important in community. It provides a tether back to where you came from.  The words I’ve gathered so far: pristine, fragile, help me, job security, love, bimaadiziwin (living a good life) and freshwater stronghold, have weight and if there ever was a time to wield that power, it’s now. 

After the Crash LR_.jpeg

Are there any connections you've made or stories you've heard from people that really stood out as memorable?  Surprising?

I took the project out to Standing Rock in November 2016 to gather the words for water that are spoken on the Great Plains, in hopes that I would find some of the words we speak at the headwaters of the Great Lakes….and I did. Our words for water, written hundred so miles apart and in two very different places, were remarkably similar and that strengthened my belief that, when it comes to water, our common ground is vast and transcends the human constructs of boundaries. 

Don Albrecht, a friend and photographer from Bayfield who passed away in April 2017, provided the first word for that trip to Standing Rock. Don did a Words For Water photo at the beginning of the project and he got in touch with me before we left and said he had an idea for another Words for Water photo. While I was excited to travel to Standing Rock, I didn't have a sense of how their words would weave into our Lake Superior story. When Don shared his word, Connection, with me on that November afternoon, I knew he had written the first word in our fourth chapter in the Words for Water story. Don shared that connection was the unifying theme in his life...that he sought to create connections between places and people with his words, his work and his images. 

A few weeks before he passed away, Don asked us to light a candle because he didn't want the light to go out and I remembered our conversation on the beach in November-- when he said felt compelled to write because words endure after we've moved on. And it’s our stories, individual and collective,  that will become the candles that never go out...shedding our light when we’ve moved on. 


What do you wish businesses in the region - like ours - would do or take into consideration when it comes to taking care of our great lake?

We live in a watershed that’s both immense and fragile. Businesses who choose to set up shop in the Lake Superior Basin need to be acutely aware of the benefits and responsibilities that come along with this region and act accordingly. Ten percent of the world’s freshwater is on our doorsteps and all decisions related to the businesses bottom-line must also be examined from the Lake’s bottom-line — clean and abundant water in an increasingly thirsty world.  


You can view the photographs collected for WFW at: www.wordsforwater.com

Mary also has a GoFundMe, if you're interested in supporting the project.  

Summer 2018 menu

Tasting Flight
Choice of 4 spirits, house tonic, lime

___ & Tonic
Choice of clear spirit, house tonic, lime

Really Old Fashioned  
Choice of clear spirit, sugar, bitters, orange twist
- with Voyageur or Hay & Sunshine +3
- with other whiskey +5

Daiq, Daiq, Grey Daiq
Banana infused Øvrevann Aquavit, brown sugar, lime

Hay & Sunshine Whiskey, white peach,
buttermilk, maple syrup

A Voice Like Money
Blue cheese infused Boreal Spruce Gin,
fig honey vermouth, olive

Orange Whip* 
Øvrevann Aquavit, Bent Paddle Bent Hop syrup,
orange, lemon, grapefruit, fizz

Bramble On
Hay & Sunshine Whiskey, blackberry rhubarb syrup,
lemon, mint

Pikku Swizzle
Iso Poika Swizzle (Serves 3)
Boreal Cedar Gin, garden liqueur, lime, mint, Angostura bitters

Bona Fide Pineapple Marg
Øvrevann Aquavit, pineapple cumin syrup,
lime, cayenne salt

                                             Celery with Benefits*                                                    Lake Superior Vodka, celery basil soda,
lime, cucumber

On The Fence* 
Boreal Juniper Gin, dry vermoose,
fauxpari, orange liqueur

* On Tap

Please see full menu book for:
Zero Proof & Classic Cocktails, Snacks

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 2.05.34 PM.png

Making Negronis with Emily Vikre and Erik Eastman

About a million years ago, we took over our lovely friend Melissa, aka the Faux Martha's, kitchen to make negronis and talk about them.  Because, seriously, how else would you want to spend a day?  It was awesome.  Anyway, because it's officially Negroni Week, we thought we'd share the whole, mostly unedited (except for a few little bleeps and bloops snipped out) conversation.  And, though the prevailing advice of the internet is that no one has a longer attention span than 30 seconds these days, we believe in people.  We believe there must be at least 2-7 other people out there who want to spend 30 minutes thinking about negronis.  It's like a podcast.  With some video.  It's a video cast!  It's TVikre!  Here it is:

The Vikre Voyage

We went on a voyage!  Well, a small voyage. A voyage around town.  Why? Because Duluth is rockin’, and we thought it would be fun for everyone involved to showcase what’s happening in Duluth bartending these days - using Vikre spirits, because we’re partial to them ;).  And we did it on Norwegian Constitution Day because May 17th is one of the most celebratory days of the year!

We had 13 venues participate, bringing their passion and their own restaurant/bar’s particular style to their cocktail contributions.



We know what you’re thinking. “13 bars!?!” Yup, 13 bars.  With some help from our friends at Day Tripper and a designated driver, and mini cocktails (mini cocktails are cluuuuutch), our group of cocktail curious voyageurs stopped by more spots than you can count on two hands.


Our judging panel was made up of local bartenders who submitted scores and comments to the Vikre team for tallying.  Because judges came and went, we crowned our winner by finding the best average score. Despite our deepest desires, we avoided the temptation of giving out extra points for snacks provided at our pit stops, but we are definitely giving extra props to the venues that took care of our eating needs in addition to their signature tipples.  You’ve earned a special place in our hearts. Because the way to our hearts is most certainly through our stomachs. Also, everyone take note, tea and ginger appear to be the trends for the summer!


And now, we invite you to come on a cocktail voyage with us! The winner is named in their photo description. (Click on the photos and hover to see the complete descriptions! If on mobile, look for the *tiny* circle in the lower right hand corner of your device. Tap the circle for the complete descriptions.)

Special Thanks to Day Tripper of Duluth for the sweet van, Josh Nickila for photographing every drink WITH a menu (so helpful), and all of our judges!


Until next year, cheers!


We Are Hiring!

Tasting Team

Seeking in: Minneapolis, Duluth, Madison, Milwaukee

Vikre Distillery is an award-winning craft distillery located in Duluth, Minnesota.  Founded in 2013, we make distilled spirits inspired by a passion for flavor and informed by our terroir. We have a fun, ambitious, committed team of 25 people and a sales network that spans 12 states. As we grow, we are looking for motivated people to focus on increasing our sales in existing accounts and strategically growing our distribution footprint.


Sell and showcase Vikre spirits 

  1. Attend in-market events and store tastings and provide samples of our spirits and cocktails. Provide friendly customer service, be an excellent ambassador, and share a thorough understanding of what makes Vikre unique.

  2. Provide account-level sales support

Help guide brand growth in market(s)

  1. Review market interactions with strategic, data-driven insight

  2. Provide personal insight into ways to increase sales, based on experience in market

Other duties as assigned


  1. Travel, including driving

  2. Ability to work up to 2 hrs away from home

  3. Flexibility and creativity to thrive in a young company

  4. Integrity, independence, being a good person

  5. Timeliness, professionalism

  6. Ability to get along with these people http://www.vikredistillery.com/meet-our-team

  7. Commitment to these values http://www.vikredistillery.com/triplebottomline/


  1. Minimum of 2 years experience in customer service / bar/restaurant industry

  2. Prefer someone well connected in the bar/restaurant industry

  3. Demonstrated ability to work independently

  4. Proven customer service and sales skills

  5. Ability to carry up to 20 pounds

  6. Method of transporting self, and supplies, to and from events


  1. $15/hour, 7-15 hours a week

  2. In-town/area transportation (under 30 minutes) is not reimbursed. Above 30 minutes, the below rules apply.

    1. Personal vehicle travel reimbursed at $0.25/mile

    2. Parking reimbursed in addition to mileage rates

Next steps

  1. Send your info to chris@vikredistillery.com

Vikre X Red Wing Heritage

We were super honored to get to be part of Red wing Heritage's Spring/Summer women's catalog.  It's always fun and amazing to get to work with other companies who are passionate about craft and process.  And it sure doesn't hurt when they let you wear their super comfy and durable shoes and boots for the day!

Check out some more of the photos from the day and an interview with Emily over on the Red Wing Journal in their Faces of Red Wing series.

emily's feet boots.jpg
emily's feet oxfords.jpg

Deep Winter Menu


Your choice of four of our spirits, 

house tonic, soda & lime


_____ & TONIC - 7

Your choice of clear spirit,
house tonic, lime



Øvrevann Aquavit, Bent Hop syrup, orange, lemon, grapefruit, fizz



Lake Superior Vodka, apricot wine,
green tea liqueur



Lake Superior Vodka, Boreal Spruce Gin, red grape "Vermoose"



Voyageur Aquavit, saffron orange liqueur, lemon, orange blossom water



Honor Brand Hay & Sunshine Whiskey, lemon, ginger,

honey, lapsang souchong float



Honor Brand Hay & Sunshine Whiskey, whole egg,

lemon, simple syrup, sherry reduction



Øvrevann Aquavit, cranberry, glogg spices



Boreal Spruce Gin, lemon, mastic tincture, white grape



Choice of clear spirit, sugar, bitters, orange twist  

w/ Voyageur Aquavit or Hay & Sunshine Whiskey +3  

w/ other whiskey +5


WHISKEY - 9/10

Neat or on the rocks

*On Tap


NW Smokehaus salmon, salami, beet pickles, sweet spiced nuts, blue cheese ball with caraway brittle, dill butter, goat cheese, rye crackers




Click here for our cocktail room hours and tour information!


Holiday Party Guide - New Year's Eve

I worked at a gallery for a few years, and at this place they played the same holiday music over and over.  I particularly remember hearing sumptuous voice of Ella Fitzgerald singing, "maybe it's much to early in the year, oh but I thought I'd ask you just the same, what are you doing, New Year's, New Year's Eve."  Which is a great song.  The first 500 times you hear it.  But anyway, my point here, really, is that maybe it's much too late in the year, oh but I thought I'd ask you just the same, what are you doing New Year's, New Year's Eve? 

My problem with New Year's is that I like bubbly drinks and sparkles.  A lot.  But, I also like being at home once 10 pm rolls around.  The solution?  New Year's at home with friends while still wearing sparkles!  It's doable.  I swear!  And, even if you've already got your New Year's plans figured out, we have some cocktail and food suggestions that are so dang good, you'll probably want to add them to your plans because you're not going to want to let this year end without giving them a try!  Read on...


The Bitter Frenchman - like a French 75, but with a sophisticated edge from a splash of Campari.

  • 1 oz. Boreal Juniper Gin
  • 1/2 oz. Campari
  • 1/2 oz. simple syrup
  • 1/4 oz. lemon juice
  • dry champagne, or other sparkling wine
  • Shake all the ingredients, except the champagne, with ice until chilled, then strain into a cocktail glass or champagne flute and top with the champagne.

Teatime with the Romanoffs - what you get when you take a Moscow Mule and replace the ginger beer with ginger syrup and champagne.  Completely worth fomenting a revolution for.

  • 3/4 oz. Lake Superior Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. ginger syrup 
  • 1/2 oz. lime juice
  • dry champagne, or other sparkling wine.
  • To make the ginger syrup, combine 1/2 cup finely sliced fresh ginger, 1/2 cup sugar, and 1/2 cup water in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil, simmer for a couple minutes, then remove from the heat and allow to steep for at least an hour before straining.  Refrigerate for up to a week.
  • To make a cocktail, shake the vodka, ginger syrup, and lime with ice until chilled. Strain into a coupe or flute and top with the champagne.

Old Lang Syne Fashioned - an aquavit and maple old fashioned. Old acquaintance may be forgot, but not this cocktail.

  • 2 oz. Voyageur Cognac Cask Aquavit
  • 1 tsp. maple syrup
  • 2 dashed orange bitters
  • Stir all the ingredients with ice until well chilled.  Strain into an old fashioned glass over a large ice cube.  Garnish with an orange twist, if desired.


Sauteed dates with sea salt - also known as one of the very easiest and very best appetizers I've ever made.

Spiced nuts - because it's not a party without bowls of nuts (I made this recipe without pretzels because of the number of us who are gluten free).

Butternut Squash compote and ricotta on toast - a) everything is good on toast and b) this butternut squash concoction is so good, you don't even need toast.

Fennel, apricot, and prosciutto salad - light but filling, and Italian-ish, which definitely equates to classy:  Trim and core 2 large fennel bulbs, then slice thinly with a mandoline and toss with 6 thinly sliced dried apricots.  Whisk together 2 Tbs. olive oil, 1 tsp. rice wine vinegar 2 tsp. lemon juice, and a tsp. each of dijon mustard and honey and a pinch of salt.  Use this to dress the fennels and apricots, then spread on a platter and nestle in torn pieces of prosciutto.

Orange, avocado, and olive salad - just because there are no vegetables growing at this time of year doesn't mean salads have to be boring:  Cut the peel off of 4 oranges, and slice them into disks.  Arrange these on a platter with sliced avocado (I used 2 avocados), a handful of olives, and a handful of fresh mint.  Drizzle with some lemon juice and olive oil and a sprinkling of salt.

Chocolate bark with mangos and ginger - follow these directions, and top the bark with chopped, dried mangos, chopped crystallized ginger, and a couple pinches of sea salt.  


a new Vikre

When we started this silly distillery enterprise, as an attempt to make sense of our lives and create something meaningful and rooted in its place, it was only natural to share our lives with you. Those of you who’ve been a part of things from the beginning have seen a lot. You’ve seen plumbing and construction, experimentation and foraging and recipe development, and a lot of cocktail pictures. But you’ve also seen our little distillery family grow into an awesome team of 25 people. You’ve seen our son Espen born and grow into an absolutely-age-appropriately-psychotic four year old. And you’ve seen our dog Squid gray considerably. Well, a new thing has happened; we’ve had another baby boy. This time it hasn’t gone the way we would have hoped. But things sometimes go sideways, that’s just part of the deal. Ask Dr. Seuss.  Here’s the story so far:

I’m sitting at the bedside of our new baby boy, Vidar. He’s a beautiful little guy with big eyes and pouty lips and a full head of hair. He’s lived outside the womb for a little over 10 weeks now. The entirety of that time has been spent in the intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. Vidar was born with a suite of structural heart abnormalities. We had about four days with him when, thanks to a magical medication that keeps the fetal circulation open, he seemed healthy. On the fifth day, he had surgery to repair his heart.

After what was by all measurable indicators a very successful surgery, Vidar did not recover the way his doctors expected. Deep one Tuesday night, about a week after the surgery, his blood pressure slithered out from underneath him, the way the waves carve the sand out from underneath your feet. The doctors revived him, in one of those TV hospital scenes where the room is full of doctors and nurses in gowns, shouting out medications and yelling things like “Don’t die on me now!” A study in the morning hours showed the walls of his heart were so thick that they couldn’t relax to let blood in to pump, like a muscle bound bro whose arms can’t hang down straight at his sides.

The doctors classified Vidar’s condition as idiopathic, meaning they didn’t know what caused his heart to swell. Over the weeks, we grew to like that word a lot. Something that arose mysteriously can disappear mysteriously, right? Instead of focusing on the negative possibilities, we just focused on hope, on positivity, on loving Vidar and appreciating the time we have with him. This worked on us. But more importantly, it worked on him.

After about a month of negative spiraling, Vidar slowly began to improve. Bit by bit they’ve been able to wean his medical support. He went from two IV poles dressed up like Christmas trees with bags and pumps and so many lines that they literally spent hours labeling and relabeling them, to now just a couple of pumps and lines. He went from IV sites in literally every limb, his neck, and his umbilical cord, slowly down to just one in his leg.

About two weeks ago they removed Vidar’s breathing tube. It was a complete and utter joy to see the bottom half of his face again. But Vidar became very agitated, and as he became agitated his heart would pump faster and faster, and his breathing would grow shallower and shallower, until the situation was quite dangerous. “I’m not sure he’s going to fly,” one of the doctors said. We just held him and bounced him and shushed him, attempting to calm him down, which is a challenge when you’re freaking out yourself. I felt a bit like the Heisman trophy, protecting the baby in my arms like a football, holding back the forces of re-intubation with a straight outstretched arm. As a short Jewish guy whose greatest hope on the sports field was to be picked second to last, this was a new feeling for me. But Vidar needed us to give him a chance.

It took about a week from extubation, but Vidar is a new baby now. He is calm. He’s gained some weight. They’re weaning his sedatives, so when he’s awake he’s more awake. Crucially, we can hold him now! So for most of every day, he’s lying in our arms in a rocking chair, just mooning up at us with his big deep eyes and cycling his feet like it’s the Tour de France. He’s begun to smile, and it’s like getting pierced in the heart with a happiness dagger every single time.

Emily and I instinctually tend toward privacy. Yes, we share some parts of our lives on the internet, but mostly the instagrammable parts, not the difficult stuff. Before Vidar’s birth, we were expecting to spend a week or two at the hospital, so we just put up maternity/paternity leave auto-replies on our email and skipped town. But the longer this has gone on, the more help we have needed. And our friends and family have stepped up in a way that surpasses imagination. Food and lodging and money have appeared just as we’ve needed them. And emotional support – visits and letters and pictures and candle lighting and toasts and prayers, have given us space to cry and be hugged. My faith that we have guardian angels, that there’s enough goodness in the universe to stand up the bad, has been restored. As I say that, I wonder if I ever really believed it until now.

Christmas is coming, and we have a very detailed plan to run around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to balance the competing goals of being with Vidar, having a great Christmas with Espen and our families, ideally relaxing for a second, and eating a lot of Christmas cookies. We hope you have a wonderful holiday as well. New Years is approaching, and the days are beginning to get longer, and we are hopeful for Vidar’s continued healing and growth as the daylight returns. Please join us in praying for him and toasting to him and sending him healing vibes.



Joel & Emily