Making Negronis with Emily Vikre and Erik Eastman

About a million years ago, we took over our lovely friend Melissa, aka the Faux Martha's, kitchen to make negronis and talk about them.  Because, seriously, how else would you want to spend a day?  It was awesome.  Anyway, because it's officially Negroni Week, we thought we'd share the whole, mostly unedited (except for a few little bleeps and bloops snipped out) conversation.  And, though the prevailing advice of the internet is that no one has a longer attention span than 30 seconds these days, we believe in people.  We believe there must be at least 2-7 other people out there who want to spend 30 minutes thinking about negronis.  It's like a podcast.  With some video.  It's a video cast!  It's TVikre!  Here it is: