Congratulations to Kevin Evans on launching his new endeavor: Duluth Whiskey Project!

We are so excited to share a little update with you from our dear friend Kevin Evans, of the Duluth Whiskey Project. Kevin has worked with us as a volunteer since before we even opened. In the early days he spent many late nights and weekends with Joel running the stills, giving tours, and representing Vikre out in the world.

Look! It’s Kevin fiddling with a steam valve! Hi Kevin!

Look! It’s Kevin fiddling with a steam valve! Hi Kevin!

Since the beginning, Kevin has been working toward starting his own distillery. Over the past couple of years he has been working on distilling his own whiskey in our facility on the weekends. Over the past couple months he has begun bottling his own whiskey in our facility too. Now Kevin has launched his own line of flavored spirit whiskeys, including honey, cider and mint. 

You can learn more at his website.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Duluth Whiskey Project, since we share an address. Duluth Whiskey Project isn’t part of Vikre. But he uses our facility. To summarize: Duluth Whiskey Project products are made in our facility independently by Kevin. And Kevin is our friend. Way to go Kevin!