Emily Vikre – co-founder, President, and Arbiter of Taste

Dr. Emily Vikre, PhD, is an INFJ, an enneatype 6 with a strong 5 wing, a Vatta, horoscope is Cancer, personality color is blue.  She likes personality diagnostics.  Once upon a time, after growing up in Duluth, working as a science journalist and then museum educator, she got a PhD and taught graduate classes in theories of individual behavior and organizational behavior in public health.  Always the creative but bookish type, being a professor was probably what everyone had always expected Emily to do.  Starting a distillery was probably the thing everyone least expected her to do.  But, inspired by secret whisperings from Lake Superior and the desire to move back to a landscape that feeds her soul, Emily left the East coast with Joel and their intrepid dog Squid and came home to Duluth to start Vikre Distillery.  Her favorite piece of music is Sibelius’ Symphony 2; her favorite membrane protein is the aquaporin; her favorite tree is the birch; her favorite TV show is old, but not too old, episodes of Top Gear; her favorite animal is her and Joel’s two squirrely sons.

What is your favorite song to bottle to? Anything by ABBA (don’t judge).

What is your spirit spirit? Probably Green Chartreuse – kind of weird and intense, but also sweet and complex and, dare I say, pretty much awesome.

Shaken or Stirred?  STIRRED! Because, Negroni.  Also Manhattan.

Shark vs. Grizzly, who wins?  Honestly, I think grizzly because it has arms.  BUT, sharks never sleep…

Dinosaurs or unicorns, which is better?  Dinosaurs!  I used to know everything about dinosaurs when I was 6.  Now I’ve forgotten everything about dinosaurs, but still…


Joel Vikre – co-founder, distiller, and CEO

Joel is a socially unreliable, frequently grandiose, sometimes surprising, natural leader-type. He likes the rules he makes. As a younger man, he worked in global health in Tijuana, Mexico, Siuna, Nicaragua, and Lwala, Kenya. In the process he entered and dropped out of medical school, became an armchair ethnographer, learned how to build things, and helped start and lead a few different organizations that have gone on to provide clean water and medical care to millions of people in Africa.  He loves things that are hard to get ahold of - like organizational behavior and culture.  But he reached a time in his life where living in a place, and doing something more tangible seemed like the best move. Plus, as husband to Emily and dad to Espen and Squid the dog, he discovered that being around his family became the most important thing.  The obvious next step? Learning how to distill booze, of course, which turned out to be really fun, and created an opportunity to craft a company with rigorous social and environmental goals. He likes to split his days between the strategy and the super concrete - like plumbing. He does not like the stuff in between. And, oh yeah, he likes whiskey. 

Favorite music to bottle to? Joel, even though he likes to play music and loves live music, prefers to listen to public radio. Emily believes he has a politics problem.

Spirit spirit? Joel's spirit spirit is always the one that hasn't been made up yet.

Shaken or stirred?  Joel doesn't understand the question, as both seem more or less brownian.

Shark vs. Grizzly? Depends on the medium in which they fight, whether the advantage goes to more teeth or more grabbing appendages. Also the type of shark. Need more specifics.

Dinosaurs or Unicorns?  Dinosaurs are REAL AS HELL, and Joel loves things that are improbable and real.

Kevin Evans – Distiller and Coincidentally Hot Intern

Recovering banker Kevin Evans is a distiller with Vikre Distillery as well as the founder of his own company, The Duluth Whiskey Project.  He’s been helping Vikre distillery get started since July of 2013 when his family relocated to Duluth from the cities.  Kevin has worked in other finance related fields, been a printer, made bagel sandwiches, and got to blow shit up in the Marines.  He enjoys whisk(e)y above all other spirits with Scotch above all other whiskies.  Kevin moved to Duluth in 2013 following his brilliant physician wife.  He has three daughters, is an avid cross-fitter and golfs a ridiculous amount for someone so terrible at it.

Favorite song to bottle to? Tie between My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas and Moonshiner by Uncle Tupelo

Spirit spirit? Talisker 18 year old

Shaken or Stirred? Makes zero difference.  Give me the drink.

Shark vs. Grizzly?  I think Shark because outside of the phenomena that is a sharknado, the two will have to meet in the water, where I believe Mr. Shark has a distinct advantage.  However, a guppy-sized shark would likely lose out to Mor’du, the demon bear from Pixar’s Brave.

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns because their blood can keep you alive, even if you’re within an inch of death

Erin Otis – Distillery Production Manager

Erin is from a small town (Longville, MN -The Turtle Racing Capitol of the World!).

Erin does all the work at the distillery (At least more than Kevin).

Erin is very organized. 

Erin met Jon.

They got hitched, and two daughters later, all is amazing.  

Erin thought she would be a teacher. 

Erin leads a double life as a spy due to her nosy nature and aptitude for code breaking/assassination.

-As told by Kevin Evans

Favorite song to bottle to? Anything with a fast tempo to keep everyone moving

Spirit spirit? Vikre Sugarbush Whiskey

Shaken or Stirred? Stirred – it is more organizationally pleasing.

Shark vs. Grizzly?   Grizzlies and Sharks would never really get in a fight, so, they both win.  (I am a Peacemaker!)

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns because Erin is a bit of a princess (Kevin, that’s not a nice thing to say!)


Sarah comes from a super small, shrinking township in rural NE Lower MI, but came to Duluth by way of Ashland, WI. She can't seem to give up the Great Lakes – according to her, “it's really humbling to live in places where nature truly dictates how life happens.”  Sarah has been working in craft beer for nine years and every community She’s ever lived in has a brewery (even her tiny hometown).

She came to Vikre because she “truly wanted to be working for a company with every potential and one that was looking to improve the industry and make positive changes for everyone in craft distilling.” More personally- she lives with her partner of nine years, their two ridiculous huskies, and old cat. She loves to play with her chickens and bees and to spend hours in her garden. 

Favorite song to bottle to? I don't have a favorite song, but I do have a few favorite albums - I love to listen to Parachute, Something Corporate, or Jack's Mannequin. I'm a sucker for emo and piano/alternative rock...yeah super 90's of me...

Spirit spirit? My spirit spirit? I'm understanding this as the spirit that speaks to me, that feels like the thing that was meant to be; I have two answers: from our products: Øvrevann Aquavit and from another distillery: St. George’s Terroir (although I have a special place in my heart for Botanivore)

Shaken or Stirred? I like my cocktails shaken, something about bubbles and effervescence...

Shark vs. Grizzly? This one got me...are they fighting, are they in an aptitude test? They each win in their natural environments.

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns! Because magical creatures are awesome and well, magical; and I like glitter.

Ted Bjork - Director of Distillery Operations.  (i.e. the self-proclaimed: DODO)

Every family needs a rock.  Ted is ours.  As Director of Distillery Operations, Ted helps our all of our project-based dreams come true.  He never fails to have a good story or a thoughtful piece of advice to pass along.  

Before working at Vikre Distillery, Ted worked as an electrician for a local railroad.  After 36 years, he retired and started filling his days with activities such as golf, biking, skiing (preferably downhill, because it is more thrilling), and ballroom dance, which led him to the distillery.  You see, Emily’s parents are also ballroom dance enthusiasts.  They brought their crew, including Ted, to the distillery for a tour when things were just getting started.  Ted claims he corned Joel after the tour because he was so interested and has so many questions.  It wasn’t long after their initial conversation that Ted came in for an interview.  After Joel and Ted agreed to give it a try, Ted mentioned it was his second job interview ever.

As the story goes, Joel wanted to put up a trolley system but didn’t know how.  Ted said, “Oh, you just get a magnetic drill press and stick it on the beams, hit the switch, it clamps, and you can drill up.” He then found himself surprised when Joel left him to do the job but of course, he got it done.

Ted likes to say he does creative running repairs and this couldn’t be more accurate.  He loves creating something from nothing.  If he sees good material in the dumpster, he dives right in.  When he saw oak flooring panels in the trash a while back, He had to hop in and grab them.  He knew he could use them somehow.  Sure enough, we have a new hose rack.  

Ted is a bonafide snow bird who will be spending his second winter (only his second one in his whole life) in Arizona to visit his sister.  

What is your favorite song to bottle to? A whole lotta love Led Zeppelin

What is your spirit spirit?  Jack Daniels. It is like being with a casual lover, you know you could really fall for them but you don’t want to get too attached.

Shaken or stirred?  Stirred, or on some ice.  

Shark vs. grizzly, who wins?  Grizzly. They get more aggressive when they attack.       

Dinosaurs or unicorns, which is better?  Oh, dinosaurs.  They actually existed.    

Bernadette Smith - Money Magician? Accounting Extraordinaire? Or simply, accountant?

Bernadette is originally from a small town in Ohio.  After moving quite a bit during her childhood, her family settled down in Minnesota during her teenage years.  She attended UMD and graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting and then went to work on achieving her CPA designation.  Bernadette married her high school sweetheart(!) and has two adorable little girls.  Currently she lives on a small farm in Cloquet where she enjoys vegetable and flower gardening.  

What is your favorite song to bottle to?  I have not had the opportunity to bottle yet, but I enjoy rock and roll.

What is your spirit spirit?  White wine.

Shaken or stirred?  Wine does not require either.

Shark vs. grizzly, who wins?  Grizzly. I think it could easily eat a shark.     

Dinosaurs or unicorns, which is better?  Unicorns.  

Chris Brown - National Sales Director

man riding unicorn.jpg

Chris Brown is a native of Minnesota, though of late he has been calling Omaha, Nebraska home. He has years of experience in alcohol sales, but don’t worry, he’s actually interesting! He’s going to tell you about this shortly.

Favorite song to bottle to? Cleaning Windows by Van Morrison is a song that I can, and have listened to over and over and over again. I mean the first line of the song is "The smell of the bakery across the street got in my nose", instantly relatable. Also in the mix, "Never been to Spain" by Three Dog Night, "Graceland", the Willie Nelson version, and the entire album "Breakfast in America by Supertramp. Sentimental pick, anything from my old friend Brian and GB Leighton.
What is your spirit spirit? I am an equal opportunity drinker.
Shaken or Stirred? I'm a shaken man I have to admit. The action of the ice in the tin as a component of the drink is somewhat fascinating to me. I like to think the first sip of a shaken cocktail is still dancing in the glass.
Shark vs. Grizzly? This questions is fundamentally flawed. We are comparing an entire species with one bear. There are over 400 types of sharks many of which wouldn't even put up a potential fight with a Grizzly bear. Shark wins in the sea, Grizzly on land, ultimately a huge letdown of a fight and a loss for all humanity.
Dinosaur or Unicorn? I mean really? Let's look at the facts here; again we are comparing hundreds of species against a horse with exposed bone on it's head. If a unicorn was real it would likely be just that, a horse with an odd protrusion between the eyes, not nearly as graceful as depictions and in other words, a deformed horse.
He are a few other things that point to dinosaurs as the clear-cut winner:
Dinosaurs were real.
They are still discovering new ones.

Dinosaurs have incredible evolutionary relevance that we are only scraping the surface of understanding.

They are awe-inspiring. If you saw a unicorn you'd experience some "awe" but if a dinosaur walked in, of ANY kind" you'd be totally awe-struck and likely soil yourself. Why? Because dinosaurs.

There has never been a blockbuster series of movies and merchandise based off a series of novels about unicorns, why? Because dinosaurs.
Back to the unicorns. We have plenty of amazing animals with horns but still you want one more? It's just greedy. If everyone that picks unicorns over dinosaurs focused on saving rhinos we'd be a whole lot better off.

Caitlin Nielson - SALES & MARKETING manager


Caitlin moved to Duluth to pursue her dream of becoming an investigative journalist.  Instead, she spent her time studying anthropology, making movies, and co-founding a CSA farm with her friends.  Then, she attended an advanced visual storytelling program in Portland, Maine.  This experience soldified her inkling that her many passions could be intergrated in a meaningful manner.  For the next year, she decided to spend all of her money on plane ticket with the goal of documenting culture.  Eventually, she got a job as a Digital Ethnographer... In Saraguro, Ecuador.  

Caitlin travels every chance she gets, but every time she leaves Duluth, she misses the air.  Luckily, she wound up at Vikre Distillery, where she can do what she loves while living in the place she loves.  

Some may call her, "Vikre's token millennial", or, "resident digital native".  In her opinion, a more accurate description would be something along the lines of, "person who is cheeriest with camera in hand and something interesting to capture." 

Favorite song to bottle to? "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" by Paul Simon 

What is your spirit spirit? You know what they say, "Keep calm and drink Metaxa Ouzo."  Oh wait, that's just my Grandpa. 

Shaken or Stirred? If I'm in good company, stirred.  

Shark vs. Grizzly? Hold on, I need to consult my Pokédex. 

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? I'm pretty into fossils.  

Abigail Mlinar - Sales & marketing manager

Abby is a marketing strategist with career history in large-scale event direction, and digital marketing. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a BBA in Marketing. By way of the Minneapolis suburbs to Duluth to Philadelphia to Portland and back to Duluth, she claims what keeps her here is the lake and the energy. She is happiest while: laughing with her people, creative brainstorming, or dancing to some vibey music (probably funk). 

But to really know her, here is an example of her persona duality: in late 2017 she was awarded 20 Under 40 for being a young professional move/shaker, and also MVP at a battle of the bands-esque Duluth event, having never been in a band (turns out extensive karaoke experience can be useful). Abby is a self described over-involved overachiever. She can be found on city commissions, local boards, and involved in the feminist activism community of Duluth, where she founded two organization: the Feminist Action Collective and FEmn FEST.

Favorite song to bottle to? D’Yer Mak’Er by Zeppelin, or Got To Give It Up by Marvin G

What is your spirit spirit? Water or Rumpleminze 

Shaken or Stirred? Shaken

Shark vs. Grizzly? Grizzly

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns


Chelsy Whittington – Visitor Experience Manager

Lake Bemidji to Lake Superior. Chelsy’s husband said that the name of her biography should be "Laughing Too Loud with Food in my Mouth."  She likes funny people and the movie Funny Girl (A bottle of aquavit to the person who finds her a karaoke machine in the Twin Ports with "Don't Rain on my Parade" in rotation...) She likes food and drinks that she’s never heard of, digging through estate sales for vintage collins glasses and digging in the dirt to plant obscure herbs (Does anyone know if Greek mountain tea will grow in Northern MN?)

Chelsy keeps our sticks on the ice while coaxing a cocktail party out nearly every day of the week. 

Favorite song to bottle to? 

Kevin won't let me pick the music since I fixed/broke his Pandora so that it only played Haim and Mazzy Star. Sorry not sorry KEVIN.

Spirit spirit? A bottle of red wine that transmogrifies into bourbon once I get 3/4's of the way through.

Shaken or Stirred? Shake it (and don't look so serious about it.)

Shark vs. Grizzly? I hate that you made me google this.

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Which ever one is more likely to let me ride it on a beach.


Nicholas "Scuzzi" Pascuzzi – Esteemed Head Bartender


Scuzzi grew up in Duluth, Duluth Central High School graduate. Went to college for a few years outside of Philadelphia.  Moved back. Got hired as a deckhand on a tall ship and sailed for about a year, from the Chesapeake Bay as far North as the Hudson River. Moved Back to Duluth and started cooking. Started tending bar 3 years ago at Zeitgeist. Has a sailboat. Cocktail Nerd. Writes poetry. 

Favorite song to bottle to? AC/DC's "Have a Drink on Me" or Tom Waits's "The Piano Has Been Drinking"

Spirit spirit?  I sometimes feel like a bottle of Fernet: bitter and complicated, but ultimately refreshing. Other times I feel like a bottle of Batavia Arrack: hard to pin down, sassy and difficult to work with, but only at first. But I think all the time I feel like a bottle of Dalmore 12: a lot of soul for something so young, slightly smoky but with notes of honey and vanilla, a balance of coarse and smooth. But mostly smooth ;)

Spirit Cocktail: the Bijou. 

Shaken or Stirred? Shaken. Chaos and control are excited into communion by the mysterious motions of ice inside the darkness of a cocktail shaker. 

Shark vs. Grizzly?  Depends on which one went to the Jedi Academy. I'd bet on Jedi grizzlies before Jedi sharks, though. Also I blame grizzly bears more than Don Ness for the absence of shark attacks in our fine city. 

Dinosaurs or Unicorns?   DINOCORNS!!!!!

Anton Jimenez Kloeckl - Bartender and kitchen prep wizard

Anton grew up in central Minnesota with Multinational parents.  He enjoyed a rich, musical, and theatrical upbringing, which inspired his participation in the arts community of Duluth.  A Co-Founder of the Magic Smelt Troupe and a frontman of the musical project Red Mountain, Anton has no problem staying busy.  He enjoys magic, nature, New Orleans, and spending time with his wife and children.

What is your favorite song to bottle to? Anderson Park, “Come Down”

What is your spirit spirit?  Boreal Cedar Gin - in the form of an Old Fashioned.

Shaken or stirred?  Shaken!  I like the maracas!

Shark vs. grizzly, who wins?  Grizzly would win because they have eyebrows.  Where is the fight?  I’m unqualified to answer this.   

Dinosaurs or unicorns, which is better?  Jack-a-lopes, probably.  I’ve seen taxidermy dinosaurs and they creep me out.

Candace Lacosse – Bartender


When Candace isn't moonlighting at Vikre, she's (very) busy running her one-woman show, Hemlocks Leatherworks, making shoes, sandals and leather goods one at a time with her own tiny hands. Traveling to show and teach her craft around the country, she's out of town often but couldn't ask for a better home base than Duluth and Lake Superior, or a better work family than Vikre's. Candace puts the rest of us to shame with the degree to which she embodies all things craft: woodworking, basketry, metal smithing, cooking, and of course craft cocktails. Shameless website plug: check out

Favorite song to bottle to? Chelsy's myriad podcasts.
Spirit spirit? Vikre Boreal Cedar: warm, robust, unique.

Shaken or Stirred?  Definitely shaken. Citrusy cocktails all the way.

Shark vs. Grizzly?  In what context? On land or in the sea? In a drunken bar brawl? I'll leave it at this: fiercely majestic, grizzly. Fiercely enigmatic, shark.

Dinosaurs or Unicorns?  Dinosaurs. The fantastical grounded in proof. My favorite.

David Moreira - Liquid Justice Provider And cocktail room manager


Local and regional music or culture has been a continuing influence of Dave’s. With a background in art, design and printmaking, most of his time is now spent illustrating joy through the craft of cocktails behind the bar at Vikre Distillery. White Bear Lake is Dave’s hometown, but since attending UMD in 2007, Duluth has become home. He has worked with Ochre Ghost, Northern Prints, and Prøve galleries to elevate the arts, developed Chaperone Records with album art production, fondled food at Pizza Lucé, been a Sandwich Artist at Northern Waters Smokehaus after eating there so often he knew the recipes before being offered the job, and Dave runs his own screen printing studio, SkatRadioh. Yes, he did do the chalkboards, but Dave says, nothing beats the general creativity and ingenuity of the company as a whole at Vikre.  His spare time is often spent at home with a good movie or at the beach when the weather permits. Otherwise you may find Dave boarding down an active volcano side in Nicaragua, in a local mini ramp with his skateboard, developing the new Snackchat app, or narrowly evading dinosaurs using his wit, charm and understanding of Chaos Theory as a mathematician.

Favorite song to bottle to?  Anything by Lemon Jelly

Spirit spirit?  Something mixed a bit tart or else matching my bubbly personality.

Shaken or Stirred?  Shaken with passion.

Shark vs. Grizzly?  With the documentaries I’ve recently seen, Shark. They’ve been using tornadoes to their advantage these days.

Dinosaurs or Unicorns?  Dinosaurs eat unicorns.

Ellen Vaagen – Bartender

Ellen Vaagen grew up on the windy plains near Fargo, ND.  In her search for higher education and, well, hills and trees, she moved to Duluth, MN in 2007.  Ellen holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Studies, which is being put to very good use as a bartender and sauce entrepreneur.  Her various hobbies and interests include vegan cooking, eating, reading, drinking, writing, and did we mention eating?  She is in the process of starting her own business, Vaagen's Vegan Sauce, which will retail vegan sauces as meal starters to aid people in their transitions to a plant-based diet.  Ellen is thrilled to be a part of Team Vikre.  Cheers!

Favorite song to bottle to? I'm so new I haven't done any bottling, but I imagine I'd enjoy listening to something by the Parliafunkadelicment Thang like I do all of the time.

Spirit spirit? I'm a bourbon gal through and through and enjoy sipping the finer names when I get the chance, but when it comes to weeknights at the bars, Jim Beam's my man.

Shaken or Stirred? Stirred because of its requirement in my favorite cocktail: The Manhattan.

Shark vs. Grizzly? Probably the grizzly because it has limbs and claws.

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns because they are much more beautiful and are less likely to attack or eat me.


Flo Matamoros - Bartender and kitchen prep wizard

Flo was born and raised in El Salvador and has lived in Duluth, MN since 2008. She ventured out to a place she had never heard of and luckily ended by the freshest body of water. Flo is an illustrator, painter, and a creative of all sorts. She spends most of her days in the Duluth downtown area, splitting her time between illustrating and managing marketing, packing boxes, and keeping Northern Waters Smokehaus phresh and handmade.  She also is the co-owner of Duluth's experimental and contemporary art space, Prøve Gallery. Her favorite things include: making food, talking about the politics of food and intersectionality of race, gender, class and identity (yes! NERD!), drawing, watching cartoons, and more drawing.

What is your favorite song to bottle/make syrup to? Anderson Paak.

What is your spirit spirit? To sip, Bulleit Bourbon. To sip slowly, Voyageur Aquavit.

Shaken or stirred? Slowly stirred.

Shark vs. grizzly, who wins? Grizzly... probably? Big limbs. Wait is the shark trying to get to their cubs? Is the shark on land? Is this a magical shark? Then maybe the shark.

Dinosaurs or unicorns? Unicorns riding dinosaurs through space

Hally Sharrow - Bartender

Hally came in with the comet! Hailing from Superior. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Public Health and Psychology. After college she spent seasons studying community food systems, organic farming in New York and Kentucky and traveled extensively. She is happy to be back in the great north woods and call this place home.

Her various hobbies and interests include holistic health, yoga, meditation, pilates (reformer), the Moon, music, art, traveling, tennis, cross country skiing, spending time with friends and family, laughing, wandering the woods with her dog Illah, vegan cooking, cosmic encounters, and living in the present moment.  Moving at full speed and full capacity feeds her.

She feels fortunate to work in such a real,open, and innovative environment with loved ones. The more time passes the more extraordinary the experience becomes.

Favorite song to bottle to?  Hmm... So many songs! George Harrison, Prince, Fleetwood Mac Haim, Yacht Rock, Funky ol' soul, timeless classic hits.
Spirit spirit? Sugarbush Whiskey - Young, simple, strong, sweet and complex!
Shaken or Stirred? Stirred - translucent and spirit forward! 
Shark vs. Grizzly? Love to both. 
Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Unicorns. So much MAGIC!


Jessica Liszewski - Bartender


Jessica grew up in a small Wisconsin town. After experimenting with city and rural farm living she found her way up to Duluth, and it has been her home for 7 years now. In that time she has developed an agate eagle eye and a penchant for Lake Superior swimming. She has also co-founded and directs an independent art gallery and has refined a mediocre, but still convincing, loon call.

Favorite song to bottle to? 80s-90s pop and Shoegaze 

Spirit spirit? rye whiskey (spirit cocktail: The Sazerac)

Shaken or Stirred?  stirred (dolphinitely!)

Shark vs. Grizzly? grolar bear (part grizzly bear-part polar bear)

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? unicorn (because, you know, magic! And the 1985 film Legend)

Jesse Hoheisel - Bartender

Jesse’s formative years were in Brainerd, but he has lived in Duluth longer than anywhere else, making it his true home. INFJ, musician, voracious reader of philosophy, religion, cultural studies and related topics; went to school for history, dropped out. Jesse got into food and spirits and has now worked for and with them for 15 years.

What is your favorite song to bottle/make syrup to? For an indie and classic rock guitar player, I actually prefer EDM and electronic music for bottling and bartending. Too much air guitar lowers productivity.

What is your spirit spirit? Single malt highland scotch or aged bourbon. I'm an introverted late bloomer.

Shaken or stirred? I am more often stirred by events rather than feeling shaken by them. Stirred it is.

Shark vs. grizzly, who wins? Both would taste terrible unless you're absolutely starving. That said, I am part dolphin with how much I enjoy both swimming and eating fish, thus Grizzly, FTW. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Dinosaurs or unicorns? The realist in me is all dinosaur, the idealist says unicorn. My extended family has horses in it, so probably unicorn.

Lindsay Love – Bartender Emeritus


“Hello Humans, Lindsay here...just an optimistic realist (with the occasional foul mouth) from the backwoods of Wisconsin, who has a wanderlust that leaves me happily living vicariously through myself!” Lindsay calls Duluth home because “it's the only place I've left that excites me to come back to, yet comforts me like a warm sweater fresh out of the dryer.” Currently she’s building a house, learning stained glass, helping raise 2 little minions with a wonderful man, and loving every day she comes to work to sling hand crafted delicious cocktails, and she does it all while mainlining coffee...winning! She prefers her puns intentional, music is her soulmate, and she’s exceptionally humble...wink! No, but seriously, humble.

Favorite song to bottle to? Anything by Caravan Palace

Spirit spirit? Rum for this Pirate! (Vikre Spirit-Vodka...sorry, not sorry)

Shaken or Stirred? Shaken

Shark vs. Grizzly? Grizzly, he can run, swim, and climb trees!

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Dinosaurs...Brontosaurus' Rule!

Sara Fuhs – Bartender and kitchen prep wizard Emeritus

Fuhs was born and raised in Duluth.  Her background is in education, which is probably why she can always school the rest of us in the kitchen.  She has an unfair advantage in her ninja-like ability to create snack platters or cook up three syrups at a time because she is also the head of catering and the juggling of other tasks at Northern Waters Smokehaus.  We don’t know if she can juggle other things like balls or clubs or things that are on fire.  But probably she can.   Fuhs has always been a big fan of books and dumplings and travel and wilderness.  She loves the quiet of working in the kitchen but also the bustle of a busy bar, and she feels very lucky to have been adopted into the Vikre family and couldn't love this gin joint more.

Favorite song(s) to make tonic to? Psychedelic folk rock, rap, the new mixtape you are compiling 

Spirit spirit?  Campari 

Shaken or Stirred?  whichever the sweet bartender chooses

Shark vs. Grizzly? Is this battle on land or at sea?   Are they even fighting?

Dinosaurs or Unicorns? Dinosaurs.  Unless it's The Last Unicorn.  Otherwise Dinosaurs, always.


STEVE SOLA - BARTENDER And cocktail room manager

Growing up here in Duluth on Park Point, Steve has always felt a strong attachment to the northland and the lake. Most days were spent on or in Lake Superior or out in the woods north of town. After graduating from Duluth Central High School, Steve moved to Saint Paul for a few years to pursue a BA in anthropology but was drawn back to the north woods and the powerful sense of solitude and calmness that spending time out here brings. He often says that growing up in Duluth had spoiled him for pretty much everywhere else. Outside of the distillery Steve spends most of his time reading sci fi novels and making various noises on a number of different instruments. He lives with his partner Erin, two chihuahuas (most of the time), a chameleon and a number of houseplants near Chester Creek. Steve couldn't be happier to be a part of the Vikre team. 

What is your favorite song to bottle to?
Dragonaut by Sleep, Big in Japan by Tom Waits and Night Moves by Bob Seger all come to mind right now, but it's really anybody's guess what I'd be listening to on any given bottling shift. Could be ABBA, could be MF Doom, could be Electric Wizard, could be Phil Collins

What is your spirit spirit?
Definitely aquavit. It might come off a little strong at first but is surprisingly adaptable and useful once you get to know it. 

Shaken or stirred?
Shaken. There's almost nothing more satisfying than cracking open a well chilled shaker. 

Shark vs. grizzly, who wins?
I suppose that depends on the battlefield, but I'm gonna have to go with the grizzly. Bears are way cooler than sharks. 

Dinosaurs or unicorns, which is better?
Dinosaurs. I've never been into horses. 

Zach Schul - Bartender And Bottling Maven

Zach was lucky enough to be born and raised in the city on the greatest of great lakes.  He has a beautiful partner and wonderful six year old son.  He feels blessed to be a part of two very positive local businesses that support the community.  A lot of the free time Zach has is spent on outdoors activities, sword fighting with the kid, or researching and reading about all sorts of topics.  Currently his subjects of inquiry are split between all things cocktail and medieval history.

What is your favorite song to bottle to? I don’t usually listen to music when I'm bottling; I enjoy the sounds and chatter of the distillery.  Some Dropkick Murphys never hurts though.

What is your spirit spirit? I have always been into Gin.  Oddly enough, working in a Gin distillery really appealed to me.

Shaken or stirred? The best drinks are stirred.

(I’m deferring to my son for the next two)

Shark vs. grizzly, who wins? A Grizzly eats fish, fish don’t eat bears.

Dinosaurs or unicorns, which is better? Dragons.



Espen is the head of the distillery’s cuteness division. He holds a Masters of Science in adorableness and is working on a PhD in being a darling. If anyone tries to call him anything along the lines of sweetie, sweetheart, buddy, or sillypants mcpherson, he will swiftly correct you (in an adorable little voice) and tell you, "actually, I am a worker man." 


Squid considers herself head of distillery security, and spends her time monitoring smells and watching passersby through the window when at the distillery. In her spare time she investigates the smells on the various running trails in town and goes on patrol to rout any squirrel that dares to descend from a tree.